Peter Schuyff, Untitled, 1992

Peter Schuyff

Untitled, 1992


8 x 8 inches

Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition “Line Into Shape,” a group show with etchings, aquatints, and a watercolor by Peter Schuyff and Edda Renouf.


Edda Renouf’s Clusters series from 1976 includes eight etchings and aquatints that bring to mind the calm, meditative spirit of nature. The subdued colors derive directly from the world around us: the red desert of Arizona; the grey of a stony mountainside; the harmony between a serene, sandy beach and the white clouds in a motionless sky. The simplicity of Renouf’s compositions coupled with the dots, cross-hatchings, fine lines, and scratches focused in different regions on the page demonstrate the artist’s careful, precise approach to making art.


Peter Schuyff’s etchings, on the other hand, are very geometric and have tight-knit, repetitive patterns that form orbs in the center of the paper. He works meticulously to create juxtapositions between volume and flatness & abstraction and representation. A master at playing with light and shadows, Schuyff makes these spheres roll in and out of light placing them firmly in the realm of optical illusion.


One of Schuyff’s watercolors will also be on display. Schuyff has said, “I make watercolors mostly when I travel. I usually start by putting down a puddle of water and then I drip little pigments into the water and let it settle and dry wherever it wants to. I enjoy taking a step back during this process and I try to encourage Mother Nature to make as many decisions as she’s willing to make.”


Schuyff and Renouf both create intricate patterns using small markings to draw the viewer into their compositions. They allow their work to slowly unfurl and speak for itself. Whether losing oneself in the meditative aspects of nature or the rolling movements of geometry, these etchings focus one’s attention on the beauty of little details.